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New To Frazier Cycling? -- Who Should Join?

Who Should Join? | Why Join Frazier Cycling? | What is the Cost of Membership?

Who Should Join?

• Cyclists who are serious about fitness. Our rides and practices are geared toward improvement and staying fit.

• Competitive Racers. As a client of Coach Frazier, you'll receive race-day coaching support at scheduled races, a customized training plan with power testing

• Triathletes. We have a Frazier Cycling members who are nationally-ranked. You can train with IronMan competitors and world-class athletes.

• Juniors 6-18. Frazier Cycling has produced 9 road national championships and more than 80 national medals.

• Beginners. We have rides/practices in a supportive environment for new cyclists.


Why Join Frazier Cycling?

We are different than any other cycling organization. Our purpose is to provide you a safe and structured environment where you can cycle as a group.

• Rides and practices are led by USAC coaches or FC certified ride leaders.
• FC group riding rules are strictly enforced - Safety is PARAMOUNT!
• Parameters for rides and practices are documented i.e. No Drop/Hang or Drop, Speed
• Weekend rides are offered at different speeds to accommodate more riders
• Weekend rides are supported. We will pick you up if necessary.

We are big on the “group” aspect of cycling. This is the foundation for all of our programs. Not only is there safety in numbers but as group we share responsibility and look out for each other on the road. The more experienced give back to the less experienced. And it is always more enjoyable to ride with friends. We offer twelve rides each week everyday year-round that you can count on rain or shine.

We promote family involvement.  Coach Frazier's junior development program is one of the best in the country.  We offer beginners programs and rides for men and women. All events and activities are family-friendly. We offer sibling and family discounts in all our programs.

We lease bikes to those new to our programs who have not be able to find the right bike yet – youth, juniors and adults.

What is the Cost of Membership?

Frazier Cycling Partners: Ages from 12-years-old.

The cost of annual membership is $200. Memberships are renewed on your anniversary date. Family discounts are offered. See Membership Fees for more information.


Frazier Cycling has pulled me through the last few years. Without the confidence I gained from learning to ride and racing in triathlons, I'm not sure that I would have made it through all my personal ups and downs. The skills and friends that I've gained from being involved in Frazier Cycling have been priceless to me.

That was the best Frazier century I've ridden in some time. Well marked roads, plenty of food and drinks, great support and sag. Please let your crew know we appreciate their time, including Ralph!

We appreciate the multiple opportunities every week for group rides and skill practices. It has allowed us to establish a fitness routine year-round to help us live a healthy lifestyle as a family. The coaching to improve our bike handling skills has increased our pleasure in riding and our safety out on the road. We would never be able to get in as many miles on the bike without the discipline of the scheduled rides and the safety in riding with a group with skilled ride leaders and fellow cyclists. The many levels of rides also provide opportunities to challenge ourselves to reach higher levels of fitness.

Being a part of Frazier Cycling also provides us with a large group of friends who share a love of cycling – we enjoy riding together and socializing together. Our time spent cycling not only contributes to our fitness, but it is time spent with friends (and family!) having fun!

I find the Frazier Cycling Partners group with its structure to be highly motivating and it makes me get out and ride where I would probably choose not to if I were on my own. I also feel that Frazier Cycling Partners is very much like a family in that they care about and take care of each other on our rides. A helping hand is always there for you.

Frazier cycling has had a tremendous impact on my life. I went from a weekend-warrior type athlete to a true athlete. The year-round daily availability of group rides has been key for me because it provides the motivation to participate on a daily basis. Before joining FC I was often unable to reach my fitness goals because I had to push myself alone and it was easy to quit.

My 4+ years as a Frazier Cycling Partner has been a great experience. I joined new to cycling and with Frazier Cycling I have been able to develop as a cyclist to a point that I could not have achieved on my own. I’ve really come to love cycling. The consistent schedule of group rides makes it fun, safe and easy to get out and ride. What’s cool to me also is to be part of a group that exposes me to all level of cyclist from the beginner recreational riders to top notch Racers and Triathletes.