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Frazier Coaching Program Transition Period Training Guide
  Hourly Coaching Programs
  Testing/Data File Analysis
Coach Ralph Frazier

Frazier Coaching Program

$140/month   Coaching includes a training plan, daily contact, unlimited consultation, and Frazier Cycling Partners Team Membership.  The plan includes daily workouts, descriptions, and periodic testing.  Coaches are on-call full-time as needed by client and provide focused attention.  The athlete is expected to maintain weekly logs (electronic), which are analyzed by our coaches.  Test Analysis includes an assessment with recommendations for performance improvements and any necessary training modifications.  Full statistics for training, testing, and racing including time splits, mileage, speed, heart rate data, performance analysis, and progress charts are maintained for your review.  A power meter is required.  Frazier Cycling provides a Training Peaks account for each Level 1 Program member.  Within each account, the individual's personal settings including power levels are maintain by Coach Frazier Cycling. The power levels are determined as a result of an individual's most recent power test and/or specific performances.

Three month minimum.

Family plan provides 25% discount for each additional member.


End-of-Season Transition Period Training Guide

$75  End-of-Season Training Guide - The END-OF-SEASON TRANSITION PERIOD is for rest and recovery following the season's last Race Period (six to eight weeks).  The END-OF-SEASON TRANSITION PERIOD TRAINING GUIDE is a document that identifies and describes workouts, exercises, suggestions, and guidance for this six to eight week period.  The Transition Period is mainly unstructured to allow the athlete to recover and rest following the competitive/training season.  This document includes training advice, diet, cross-training, and other considerations. In addition, it provides descriptions for Cycling Workouts, Plyometrics Workouts, and Resistance Training Workouts. 

Monthly consultation is included.  Weekly consultation is an additional $75.


Hourly Coaching Programs

$75/hour for individual coaching

  • Bike fit and position.

  • Proper starting and stopping technique.

  • Safe drafting instruction.

  • Proper hand signaling and communication.

  • Proper speed within a group.

  • Instruction for pace-line movement, position, and etiquette.

  • Understanding traffic, lanes, signs and signals, and traffic behavior.

  • Pedal stroke, cadence, gear shifting, and hand positioning skill instruction.

  • Proper use of brakes.

  • Use of water-bottle.

 $85/hour for group coaching


Performance Testing and Data File Analysis

  • Cycling Power and Fitness Test

  • Cycling Fitness Evaluation

  • Power Training Levels

  • Heart Rate Training Zones



Cycling Heart Training Zones Self Test/Cycling Power Training Levels Self Test

The results from these tests provide individual Heart Rate Training Zones and/or Power Training Levels that can be used to gauge workout intensities for your training program.

Frazier Cycling provides the Self Test protocol and analyzing the test output data.

  • Data output files: Polar S-series heart rate monitors, RacerMate CompuTrainer, Quarq CinQo, and CycleOps.   

  • Analysis includes an assessment with recommendations for performance improvements.

Included with the analysis are the following Zones/Levels:

  • Recovery

  • Aerobic

  • Tempo

  • Sub-Threshold

  • Super-Threshold

  • Aerobic Capacity

  • Anaerobic Capacity




“I have exceeded all my expectations on the bike and give Coach Frazier 100% of the credit.”  

 - Steve Kester, Frazier Cycling Partner since 2002; Multi-time Ironman Hawaii Finisher