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BioFrazier Cycling Partners  was established in 1992 when Ralph Frazier moved to the Atlanta area from Southeastern Ohio. Over the past years this Georgia cycling group has grown to over 100+ Partners.   Ride, Event, and individual Partner statistics are maintained so each Partner can track his/her progress. There are rides scheduled daily, 365 days a year. These group rides are structured to improve and maximize fitness based on physiological science. 

Additionally this ride structure requires that stronger riders support the less powerful riders to improve the spirit of teamwork and cooperation, thereby enabling the group to attain the highest average speed in a safe manner.  It is important for experienced riders to demonstrate teamwork and cooperation.  By mixing "the experienced" with "the inexperienced", "the expert" with "the novice", and "the top performer" with "the typical", there is a natural transfer of discipline, work ethic, knowledge, example, and so forth.  Frazier Cycling enforces the "no drop rule", to ensure that those who are fitter or more gifted will assist those who are striving for higher levels.  This method establishes teamwork and discipline, and it produces exceptional results across the entire group. 

Most rides originate in Suwanee, Georgia in Gwinnett County. Frazier Cycling Partners focus on endurance and ultra-distance training, fueled by Ralph's 40 plus years of cycling experience.


Partnership Qualification

In 1998, a qualification standard was established to achieve Partnership. The Partnership status is used as an incentive to motivate cyclists to RIDE.  The cyclists accumulate  points throughout the year.   In order to qualify for points, a cyclist must ride 12 times for at least 1 mile with Coach Frazier or a FCP Ride Leader within one year.  Along with the Partnership qualification, there is a points system for various Partnership categories.  For most categories, the top three scores in each category is awarded points.


 Cycling Partners' Awards

I established Frazier Cycling Partners in 1992 and held the first Cycling Partners' Awards Party in September 1994. The Partners attending the first party were Justin Aggelakos, Scott Hoffman, Gary McCarthy, and Mike Notheis.

My goal for Frazier Cycling Partners (FCP) is to provide able teaching, safety, honest cycling/fitness advice, fair treatment, exceptional group atmosphere, solid dependability, and poised leadership for the best cycling experience.  Once a cyclist completes 12 rides (at least one mile in length) within a given year, he or she is eligible to become a FCP team member.  

I created a points system for various cycling categories. The "Cycling Partner Points System" gives cyclists incentive to ride with FCP. Throughout the year, Frazier Cycling Partners accumulate "Cycling Partner Points", which I zealously track. The accumulated points are posted under the Partner Standings on this site. The person who accumulates the most points by year's end receives the distinguished "Cycling Partner of the Year" Award at our annual FCP Awards Party, which is held every January.