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Comments from Parents and Others

Response from a competitive cyclists to a teammate when asked how he got his son into cycling:

I can't tell you how happy I have been with the program. Anthony started riding with Frazier back in December. The change in his cycling has been incredible to watch. Fall of last year Anthony was scared to death to sit on a wheel even at 12mph. Now 6 months later he sits comfortably in a paceline at 22mph and tucked in on descents at 35mph without thinking twice. All aspect of his cycling have dramatically improved, strength, endurance, speed, bike handling and what to do or not to do during pack riding. Yes, he has a lot to learn but considering he's 9 years old it's amazing. 

Every time I ride with the Frazier kids I am speechless at what these kids are doing and capable of given the proper instruction and an enjoyable environment to do it in. The coaches are knowledgeable and great interacting and motivating the kids. Ralph Frazier does an excellent job setting the tone during practice. He's friendly and has fun with the kids but also expects a lot from them. There is no question who is in charge. When it comes to practice it doesn't matter how good you are or think you are there is a job to do and you do it regardless of your age. A 9 year old is expected to do the same things a 14 year old is asked to do. It may not be as fast or as pretty but give it 100% effort regardless.

The kids in his program are great as well. From the first day Anthony started practice he was welcomed into the team. Kids of all ages interact with each other. You would think that the older kids would distance themselves from the little ones but it doesn't happen. Before and after practice and races the 9 & 10 year olds are talking and hanging out with the 16 & 17 year olds. It truly is a team environment.

If your son is interested in cycling whether it be competitive or simply to enjoy a lifelong healthy activity I can't think of a better program to guide him.

I truly feel lucky to have found the Frazier program. We as cyclists are fortunate to have such a top notch program in our area to help grow the sport.

What a great group of athletes!  Your practice is so well organized and I love watching Coach Frazier interact with everyone.  He has a great coaching style and an outstanding blend of qualities which will be remembered long after the kids aren't a part of Frazier Cycling. We never forget good coaches and the lessons they teach us about our sport, and about life too.  I was impressed with Frazier Cycling before having met you two, and now even more so. You have built something very special. (Sports Psychologist working with the team)
I took part in the Ride for Russell this weekend and I wanted to compliment your Frazier Cycling Team.  I was so impressed with all the kids I rode with. They are an outstanding example of teamwork, sportsmanship, cycling etiquette, etc, etc.  (from a guest adult cyclist)
You should know that we feel you offer excellent coaching & a wonderful program. Justin loves the team & he has committed to cycling over all other sports. He wants to compete.
We have really enjoyed and learned a lot from the biking we have gotten to do with Frazier Cycling. You are developing a great program and doing an awesome job of teaching good sportsmanship and other life lessons the kids will hopefully remember for a life time.
John and I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated another fun and informative cycling camp for the kids.  It was Alli's second experience and Will's first and they both said they are looking forward to next year's camp.  They both learned a lot and were pushed and encouraged in the competitive environment provided by Frazier Cycling. (from non Frazier Cycling parent)
The opportunity that James has experienced with Frazier Cycling this year has been very special to him and to us.  Getting to participate in a great sport with such wonderful coaches, families, and kids has been enjoyable for us all.  In a sense it has opened up a whole new world to James and us. Thanks for what you are doing. 
I just wanted to take a second and let you know that my teammate Kim & I got to meet a group of  5 - 6 of your girls yesterday after the race. One of them was your daughter and one was a girl who raced in both a Junior race and the Cat. 4 women's race (and got 5th, I believe). Anyway, they were really nice girls. ..enthusiastic and positive. It was awesome. To be honest, I almost cried after they left because I was so overjoyed to see girls out there who may become the women cyclists of the future. The girls I met really had a good attitude, and it was wonderful to see.  (from a pro woman racer)
Last night after I had tucked Fletcher into bed and started to leave the room he called me back.  He asked if we could talk about cycling.  So I went back in and sat down and he started telling me again how much fun he'd had at the lesson/practice.  But then he told me how everyone was so nice, that they had given him "tips" and lots of encouragement.  He mentioned that when they were going up the hill the other kids were quick to tell him "good job, Fletcher".  In addition, he said lots ot the parents had also told him he'd done a good job and had also given him "tips". He felt great about how he did in the practice (although he said it was really hard to keep up when going up the hill) but he also felt great about the people he was cycling with.  I think that says positive things about the kids in the program but I think it also says positive things about the program you're running.  He's very excited about this new sport he's getting involved in and his comments last night certainly made me feel good about it too. 
You should be very proud of the cycling program you have built.  We have discussed several times how nice all the parents and kids are and how well everyone gets along.  The kids, on top of being great athletes, are great all-around kids.  They are very hardworking, respectful, caring, and polite. They support each other. They demonstrate good sportsmanship.  They make a great team.
I have raced with your Juniors for about 3 years now. I love racing with them because they are great examples of sportsmanship and they are very good riders. (from a competing junior)
The entire Frazier organization is a terrific group and represents a "class act" all the way. It is a real point of pride for us and all concerned to be associated with your organization.
I just love what you are doing.  Shoshana loves how she feels and what she is experiencing!!!  It is amazing to me what you offer to our kids and what they achieve under your leadership.  It also brings a smile to my face when I see the number of people participating as well as the commitment level.
Thank you all 100 times over for your concern and care for Brody after his crash.  The fact that Andrew stayed back with Brody and waited for help is beyond commendable and I thank you for pointing that out in your letter and letting everyone else know what a great teammate he is.  He should be recognized for those actions.  I know that he did not do it to get kudos but rather because he is such an outstanding young man and because Frazier riders truly care about one another.  These morals can only be instilled by excellent parents and coaches.  So once again, thank you so much for your help, your excellent values and more than anything, thank you so much for taking such good care of our kids.
I have to say that Andrew being promoted to the Advanced Racing team has had the same effect on his self-esteem as if he had hit a grand slam to help his team win the world series or scored the touchdown in the big game! He has wanted to be "good" at a sport since he was little and until now has not had much success. I have never seen him so happy.
We are very proud to be part of the team. It makes the younger kids want to do more and become faster and follow the older kids foot steps.
Our son, Sam, enjoys cycling with the Frazier Cycling junior development program for a number of reasons. First, the camaraderie amongst the young people is outstanding. The coaches emphasize the teamwork aspect of cycling and it really shows both at practices and during races. The kids are learning sportsmanship and how to comport themselves with dignity while having fun and getting fit. Sam's fitness and skill level has improved tremendously over the past year. It's great to see his smile when he knows he's done his best. The Frazier Cycling program is a wonderful community for parents and kids alike.