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"I lost 20 pounds in five months when I started cycling with FCP.  I improved my endurance to where I could finish in the top 20% overall at Ironman Florida."

Dan Kopp

Frazier Cycling Partner - 2 years, 2002 Ironman Florida finisher


Bob quenching his thrist

Supreme fitness can not be achieved without proper nutrition. The fitter the body, the better it performs. Diet provides the energy, fluids, and repair material for the body to metabolize. Rest and recovery allow the body to replenish these fuels. As the body adapts to the increased workload of training, fitness and performance improve. The body needs fuel that counters the demands of training. Hence proper training, nutrition, and rest are crucial for the body to produce superior results.

Dr. Burke and CoachOur staff considers these physiological facts with the utmost importance to the management of our clients. We assess your fitness objectives: weight loss, improved endurance, and/or competition. Our staff will arrange and organize a fitness training plan for each day of the week along based on your schedule. In conjunction with your fitness plan, we provide the appropriate nutrition plan.


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