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About The Chattanooga Ride

The Frazier Cycling Partners' primary event is the annual Chattanooga Ride, which is held on the second Saturday in May. The Chattanooga Ride challenges the Partner/cyclist with endurance, climbing ability, and duration. The ride starts near Dawsonville, Georgia and ends at the Georgia-Tennessee border south of Chattanooga. There are two scheduled stops (20-30 minutes each). The first stop takes place in Talking Rock, Georgia (58 miles) and the second break occurs near Resaca, Georgia (90 miles). Our support crews meet us at the second stop where refreshments, fresh clothing, and moral support are provided before the final 52 challenging miles. At the finish, our support crews, i.e. spouses/significant others, friends, and family, meet us to celebrate our accomplishment and then transport us into Chattanooga where we hold a post-ride pizza party.

The goal of the Chattanooga Ride is to complete the event as a group, safely, and within a reasonable elapsed time. The "no drop rule" is enforced; therefore a solid pace is expected (20 - 21 mph average speed).

Before inviting a Partner/cyclist to the Chattanooga Ride, I must be satisfied that the Partner/cyclist will be able finish the ride with the group in reasonable condition.   Consequently, to help insure group's continuity and safety, I have established two main qualifiers* prior to the Chattanooga Ride

The first Chattanooga Qualifier is our Spring Century Group A, which is held on the last Saturday of March or the first Saturday in April, about a month before the Chattanooga Ride. The purpose of the Spring Century is to test the Partner's/cyclist's endurance and speed. Since the Chattanooga ride is over 140 miles long, the Partner/cyclist needs to be able to complete a century, comfortably, and within a reasonable elapsed time (20 - 21 mph).

The Spring Century course starts and ends at the Church of God, 144 Ednaville Road, Braselton, Georgia.  It includes the communities of Talmo, Maysville, Homer, Ila, Arcade, Hoschton, and Braselton.  There is two scheduled stops at 42 miles on SR 51 at the Petro Gas Station and 72 miles at the Antioch United Methodist Church on Cooper Farm Road.

The second Chattanooga Qualifier is the Helen Ride. The Helen Ride is normally held on the second Sunday in April.  An exception to this date is when Easter Sunday is on that date, and then we hold the Helen Ride one week later. The primary purpose of the Helen Ride is to have the Partner/cyclist to experience pace and climbs similar to those of the Chattanooga Ride. The secondary purpose is to give each Partner/cyclist more riding time with the group.  The Partners/cyclists must complete the Helen Ride in the group with an average speed of at least 18 mph.  The required minimum speed can be less for the group if Frazier Cycling's coaches decide that circumstances (such as extreme weather) increase to the difficulty to the degree that the riders are reasonably capable of completing the Chattanooga Ride. 

In addition to the average riding speed requirement, there is an overall time constraint for the Helen Ride.  The group must finish by 12:30 p.m.  The time constraint is not only for logistics reasons, but it introduces urgency for efficient stops and management of the unexpected - necessary considerations when taking on the Chattanooga Ride.

The Helen Ride starts from 1550 North Brown Road, Duluth, and runs through Gainesville, Clermont, Cleveland, and Helen. There is one stop, within Clermont (44 miles).  Originally, the Helen Ride was 63 miles long, ending in Helen.  Starting in 2000, the finish was changed to the Creekwood Resort on Highway 356, about seven miles northeast of Helen to avoid increased tourist traffic.  In 2008, another course adjustment was made to avoid traffic on SR 115 in White County.  Consequently, the ride distance is over 75 miles.

Consideration and selection for the Chattanooga Group is dependent upon the cyclist's performance during these qualifiers (in particular the Helen Ride).   A cyclist needs only participate in one of these events as long as his/her performance in the single event is on par with the team as a whole.

The Chattanooga Group will be posted on this site within the week after the Helen Ride.

Note: Check the Partner Events page on this website for the complete annual Frazier Cycling Partners' event schedule.

*Other qualifiers may be added for a particular year; however, first time Chattanooga Qualifiers are urged to participate in the Spring Century, and most importantly, the Helen Ride.